Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My camera isn’t working. Can I still attend CE courses?

A: No. For our CE classes you must be on camera and engaged in the course. Per the State of Massachusetts, you must comply with our thresholds in order to receive credit in addition to following CCIAOR’s Real Estate School Policies. For NON-CE courses, being off camera is allowable, but we encourage on-camera attendance for a more robust learning experience.

Q: What are the requirements for taking a virtual CE Class?

A: Class requirements and guidelines for receiving Continuing Education (CE) Credit:

  • Instructors and attendees will be required to be on camera and visible throughout the class, and must properly display their first and last name in Zoom.
  • Performing other tasks is not allowed during class time. This includes and is not limited to driving, taking phone calls, walking, etc.
  • You will be muted unless advised otherwise, to eliminate unnecessary background noises.
  • Attendees should be comfortable with the chat, poll and breakout features, which are needed to engage with the instructor, staff and to meet minimum engagement requirements.
  • Classes will begin promptly at the published start time and your participation will be monitored by the host/proctor. We suggest joining 10-15 minutes early to troubleshoot any technical issues.
  • At no time should you log off during class. If you get disconnected from the class due to a technical issue, please immediately reach out to our staff for assistance.
  • If you must step away from your computer for any reason, use the chat feature to let your host/proctor know. You must attend the class in its entirety, per state law to obtain credit for this CE class.

Q: I have to run an errand or attend a showing. Can I stay in this CE class?

A: No. For your CE class you must be on camera and not driving, walking, conversing, etc. We recommend you present yourself in class like you would to a client: attentive and engaged.

Q: I took a class yesterday and it had a really great handout. Can I get that emailed to me?

A: We keep most classes available to you for 7 days. You can go back to the course on your PEARL Dashboard and get what you need. It’s right where you left it!

Q: When will I get the Zoom link for my course?

A: Your Zoom session will launch from within your course player, the lesson modules of the course you access from your PEARL Dashboard. If this is your first Zoom session, you will need to install Zoom, click here for assistance. If you have joined a Zoom session from your computer before, just continue through your lesson modules until the Launch Your Zoom Session module appears. Zoom will launch from a button click.

Q: Why didn’t Zoom launch automatically when I clicked the Zoom button in my course?

A: You may have some browser security settings set to high with no exceptions for launching applications. It’s probably easier to access your PEARL Dashboard from a different browser. We highly recommend downloading Zoom onto your device rather than using a web browser to access Zoom.

  • On Mac, try Chrome rather than Safari, or Firefox. 
  • On Windows, try Edge or Chrome.
  • On Android tablets, use Firefox.
  • For iPads, use Safari. 
  • You can also change your browser security settings to allow Zoom to launch, or have your IT department update the restrictions.
  • As a last resort, contact our support at 508-957-4300.

Q: I have a question for the Association. Should I post it in our class chat or call the association?  

A: We’re always happy to hear from you! Our main phone number is 508-957-4300; you can email the member services team directly at [email protected]. Please note that although Zoom chat is monitored, this is not the most effective way to contact the association with questions, as the message could easily be lost with the chats from other agents.

Q: How do I get my Certificate of Completion for the CE course I have taken?

A: When you complete a course there are instructions in that course that guide you on how to get your certificate. You can find your class completion certificates by visiting the Certificates page under My Account. Note: please allow 5 business days for verification and processing.

Q: Can I be off camera for a non-CE course?

A: We encourage on-camera attendance for a more robust learning experience however, if necessary, you can remain off camera for non-CE courses. Please make sure to communicate with your Zoom session host so they are aware you’re off camera but still actively participating in the class.

Q: How can I correct my time zone?

A: Your browser will always display classes in your local time zone. However, if the time is not correct, check your device's settings for automatically displaying your local time zone. Here's some support articles that detail time zone settings:

Q: Hey, my Safari scroll bars aren't visible/working. How do I scroll down in my browser?

A: You'll need to set your Mac System Preferences to show scroll bars

  1. Click the Apple menu at the top-left of the screen, then select System Preferences.
  2. Next, select the General preferences pane; it’s the very first one, up at the top.
  3. Under the “Show scroll bars” heading, you’ll find three options: “Automatically based on input device,” “When scrolling,” and “Always.”
  4. Go ahead and select that last “Always” option.

Q: How do I reset my Apple ID password?

A: Read this article about how to reset your Apple ID password.